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EpiCamera VSaaS as a Cloud Surveillance Component
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Surveillance systems are an essential component in effectively forming, improving and enhancing access control security systems. In current applications, Cloud Surveillance in the form of VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service) is used to compensate for the lack of VMS (Video Management System) functionalities in any conventional surveillance system. As such, the Ingress Access Control System is incorporated with our in-house developed EpiCamera Cloud Surveillance to provide you seamless VSaaS integration for IP Cameras that support FTP features.

The integration of the Ingress System with EpiCamera Cloud Surveillance allows Ingress to automatically record any abnormal events (such as door force open) under its Monitoring tab, and administrators can access the footage for viewing. The recording can also be exported into various image or video formats such as AVI, MKV, BMP, JPEG, PNG, GIF and TIFF.

The advantages of EpiCamera as VSaaS:
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The Plug-and-Play IP Camera Connections
The EpiCamera VSaaS system supports literally all IP Cameras with FTP feature to connect to our cloud-hosted server without an on-site technician doing any network configuration to neither the cameras nor the VMS system. The simplicity in installation is a key element for VSaaS systems targeting home and small & medium business users.
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No Software Installations
No software needs to be installed at the local computers. EpiCamera VSaaS system allows users to access video from the Internet without having to go through setup or logging in to local networking information such as IP addresses. This eases users to see their own video from wherever they are.
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Multiple Users and Rights Control
EpiCamera VSaaS system is designed to manage access of IP cameras by multiple users simultaneously. Different accounts can be created for each end-user with restricted access to the user's cameras. VMS systems generally assume the VMS software is being used only by a single organization. Thus, with a VMS, you have to manually create different users and restrict specific cameras to those users but it is a more manual and error- prone process.
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Remote Site Storage
Most VSaaS systems include or require off-site storage managed by the service provider, and EpiCamera VSaaS in particular runs on the reliable Amazon Web Services (AWS). Most VMS systems are designed for local storage such as DVR or NVR only, with options for remote archiving to one's own storage arrays but not to a cloud storage offering. The local storage is inclined to being sabotaged if any break-in happened.