Remote Desktop Support
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There are some technical errors that may not be easily simulated by our technical support team due to different operating environments. TeamViewer is the solution to this problem!

The TeamViewer allows our technical support team to access your computer remotely and securely to review the problems and to fix them in the shortest time possible.

We can help you through TeamViewer to:

  • Check and fix setting errors in TCMS V2, Ingress and others
  • Update software to its latest version
  • Check firmware configurations of FingerTec terminals
  • Update firmware of the FingerTec terminals for them to perform effectively
How to start?
Step 1

Access the computer that is installed with TCMS V2 or linked to FingerTec terminals and download the FingerTec Remote Desktop Support Tool.

Step 2

Contact us on Skype or email

Step 3

Run the FingerTec Remote Desktop Support Tool. Get the 9-digit number in Your ID column and inform the number to the
FingerTec Technical Team.

Step 4

FingerTec Technical Support Team will connect to your computer and fix the problem.

Note: Skip step 1 if your computer have been installed with Remote Desktop Support Tool.