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Webster is FingerTec’s online web-based platform that is used to consolidate and centralize databases for time and attendance. It acts as a middleman, pulling and storing data from FingerTec terminals in a real-time manner so that other third party programs may extract and utilize its data. The transactions and data pulled from FingerTec terminals are stored in the Webster database, hence allowing you to store as much data as your server may hold.

To understand Webster’s functioning better, take a look at the diagram below:

Conventional Functioning without Webster
Functioning with Webster
The core features and advantages of a Webster-based system are highlighted in the table below.
Conventional Way Webster Approach
All data (Transaction, User, Templates) is stored at the individual reader. All data will be centralized and stored in the Webster server.
All data (Transaction, User, Templates) will need to be download via TCMS V2. All data is uploaded to Webster in real-time.
All data is downloaded into a single TCMS V2 software, making it hard for sharing between applications. TCMS V2 or any third party software will be able to login to Webster server to download data for processing.
Must install TCMS V2 or BioBridge to control and manage reader. After the installation of Webster, all the management done via web-based. No extra installation is needed on a client PC.
Webster is an optional feature for FingerTec terminals, which you’ll need to request for during your purchase. The terminals that are compatible with Webster are:

Black & white display: AC100, TA100, AC900, M2/R2, R2 & R2i, Kadex and H2i
Color screen display: AC100C, TA100C, TA100TC, TA200 Plus, i-Kiosk 100 Plus, i-Kiosk 100 and Q2i

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