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i-Kiosk 100
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5 January, 2009
New Q2i/TA200 Plus brochure
New R2 / R2i manual
PPT- TA100 DIY(Indonesia)
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5 January, 2009
New Q2i/TA200 Plus manual
New Q2 manual
There are four basic patterns used to classify fingerprints, the arch, the loop and the whorl, and the composite (which is a combination of the arch, loop and whorl).
Hi-Tech Human Touch
FingerTec has two slogans. “One Finger Solves It All” and “Hi-Tech Human Touch”. The former is straightforward and the latter reflects our corporate image and it ....
FingerTec – A Brand With Holistic Marketing Approach
Competitions are inevitable in attempts to market products around the world. The name FingerTec was....
Exchange Rates Volatility as a Challenge for Companies Operating Internationally
With a global brand and products sold in more than 100 countries around the world, FingerTec..
New Year Resolution
Introducing team members of FingerTec in 2009 and get their updated contact details!
FingerTec Product Website
FingerTec Worldwide is pleased to debut www.fingertec.com/product, a website that has everything you need to know about FingerTec products...
PT Retailindo Tech won an HD 55" LCD TV !!
Congratulations to PT Retailindo Tech from Indonesia, for having won the 2nd High Definition 55" Founder LCD TV!
PT Retailindo Tech Launched TA100 DIY in Jakarta
PT Retailindo Tech, an esteemed partner of FingerTec in Jakarta Indonesia, in collaboration with FingerTec Worldwide....
Euro Jordan Promotes FingerTec To The Banking Sector
Euro Jordan Trading Company first started promoting FingerTec products to the banking sector....
Sri Lanka
Union Assurance PLC Solves Time Attendance Issue with Implementation of FingerTec
Union Assurance, a leading insurance company in Sri Lanka, has finally found the solution to their problem in FingerTec’s....
Tax Incentive For Security Control Equipments in Malaysia
Effective 2009, Accelerated Capital Allowance on security control equipment is extended to all business premises and access...
Hong Kong
FingerTec® News from Hong Kong Media
January 2009, Mashahad, IRAN
Toos Anis Co. Ltd., FingerTec Worldwide Sdn Bhd’s reseller in Iran will participate in Comex 2009, the second largest IT exhibition in Iran organized from 13 to 17 January 2009 at the Mashad International Exhibition, also known as the economic hub of...
January 2009, Dubai, UAE
Once again, FingerTec will be participating in the Intersec 2009, which will be held at Dubai International Exhibition and Convention Center, Dubai, UAE on 18th January 2009 till 20th January 2009. Intersec is the largest Security, Fire, Safety & Health and Police & Homeland security exhibition in the Middle East. Focusing...
April 2009, Centro Banamex, Mexico
FingerTec will be showcasing its superior brand of fingerprint products once again in Mexico’s premier security exhibition, the Expo Seguridad México 2009.The leading Security event of its kind in Mexico had about 8,150 visitors last year.This year’s event will be held in Centro Banamex...
April 2009, Moscow, Russian
As part of its expansion to Russian market, FingerTec will be participating in Moscow International Exhibition (MIPS 2009). It is the 15th international exhibition that will take place on 13-16 April 2009 in Moscow at Expocentr’s Fairgrounds and showcase State-of-the-Art Solutions in the Field of Safety and Security.There will be...
CEO - Traveling Mind
Undisputed Trails
"You can’t exist in this world without leaving a piece of yourself behind. There are concrete paths...
Marketing Manager - I'm Verified
Hopeful 2009
The economy hasn’t made any sign of recovery at the time I’m writing this article. America, while...
Works Like That
One day I noticed that a technical staff was taking unusual extra days and emails to resolve a problem...
New i-Kiosk Image Changer
The new iKiosk Image Changer is now available for download. The tool is upgraded to use ....
New FingerTec® Terminal Function Update Tools
In FingerTec® Terminal Function Update Tools, it provides ....
The new TCMS V2.1.2 version Q.
If you receive the bellowing message when you choose “Generate” process in ....
FingerTec - Una Marca Con Enfoque Holístico de Marketing
En los intentos de comercializar productos de todo el mundo, es inevitable encontrar alguna competencia de precios. El nombre FingerTec fue creado en el año 2000, pero no se trataba de una marca, era simplemente un nombre para diferenciar de los productos de los demás...
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