Bolster your Premises with TimeTec VMS Solution
FingerTec News | 05/11/2019
Herewith TimeTec VMS we introduce you to a new generation way of authorizing your visitors at your office premises. TimeTec VMS promises a heightened security visitor management system with a high-protection server control that gives 100% assurance on safeguarding your private grounds and sites.
One Platform One Solution
The Entire Process from Visitor Application to Invitation Verification to Management Approval to Visitor Arrival Registration to On-site Visit until Leaving Premises operates under only one centralized platform. This centralized-structure based network connects all users through a central server. Building an exclusivity for the management team to retain all visitors’ transaction logs during operation hours. Meanwhile, in the interest of visitors, they will also receive a notification via the VMS mobile app. Start with a channel of communication that satisfies us all, and it is the dissemination of high product quality assurance.
Stabilized Safety Measures System
Nothing is essential than having to walk into a no-no compromised safety building. The conclusion of allotment maintenance and security failure can be encapsulated in one word - Insecurity. Our certified VMS solution is predominantly designed to stop the risk of putting premises’ security in jeopardy, both system and people. It is the companies’ responsibility to ensure no threat posed to their people and the organizations. Putting words into actions, VMS is skilled to keep a decent list of visitors and lockout blacklist visitors for critical security practices. For those organizations searching for a truly stabilize security system which will aid in performing such a burden task, you are halfway to success if you already begin to consider TimeTec VMS.
Fast Pass & Fast Track
Improve visitor services guarantee less fuss upon greetings. Most offices’ registration still requests visitors to fill in the logbook manually or surrender their ID and pick it up when leaving. Visitors’ unwillingness to follow these regulations is often forbidden to enter, resulting in unpleasant reunion. Getting your visitors a Pre-Approval check made better the process during visitation. VMS simplified check-in operation not only automates visitors’ information fill out but also enable management to have quicker monitoring solution with i-Vizit tablet live data tracker. To say, keeping your guests happy keeps your company grows.
Alternative Cost-Saving Option
Bear in mind that the chances of finding solutions with low installation costs and the least time consuming for data extraction are scarce, most organizations will not have the lustful wish to disburse extras for hi-tech installation. Only to find solutions that are easy to implement and minimize the expenses to the maximum. With TimeTec VMS, there is no need to settle for neither a lower standard solution nor a cumbersome installation process. No upfront payment required to get real-time experience with TimeTec VMS.
Trails and Report
Untraceable visiting record is no longer an excuse to be given by the security team. All visitors who are permitted to pass through premises’ turnstile will be kept a record in the system log. All history of the visits will be pushed to our VMS server and kept for future references, with an effective and accessible data system. Visitor data analysis and reports can be generated anytime as trails for the management team to review. Everything kept in the hands of top management encourages a positive and safer environment and a better promise at workplaces.
TimeTec VMS, the right choice for an automated visitor management system.
So, let TimeTec VMS speaks for itself.
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