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Edificio Tacuaral Office Resolved Visitors Problems With TimeTec VMS
Global News (North & South America)
Bolivia | 05/02/2020
Management commonly finds tough to carry out highly schematic maintenance of visitors, let alone Edificio Tacuaral that comprises five floors with 18 units of offices rented to different tenants and with different visitors dropped by on a daily basis.

Most business premises or building management should have found these issues intolerable in due time. It all will become tedious ultimately until a suitable visitor management system is enforced for management reformation.
  Inaccurate Visitor Records
A logbook is used to manually register all walked-in visitors. Checked-in and out are not adequately documented, resulting in an untraceable record of time & date of visitations.
  Long Waiting Time
Some visitors might take a longer or shorter time to fill in the required information, causing a waste of time in queuing and delaying.
  Incidents Reporting
Not all visitations filed accordingly, and management struggles to stay abreast to all access activities within the building, issuing erroneous assumptions after any informed incidents.
TimeTec VMS has addressed to the current issues of Edificio Tacuaral with
i-Vizit Tablet paired with TimeTec VMS System
Say No To
Manual Paperwork
Wrongful Accusations
With TimeTec VMS, you can spot and pinpoint all access activities data effortlessly since information and details are retrievable just by a click via the system.
What’s more?
Pre-approval Access Permission
is a proven solution for
 Higher Registration Efficiency
 Higher Data Protection
 Higher Premises Security Enforcement
Stop the managing torment
Think about the Protection and the Competency TimeTec VMS can achieve!