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Get Set for the TimeTec VMS Test
FingerTec News | 30/05/2019
TimeTec VMS (Visitor Management System) has been gaining attention from the market lately due to its amazing features, two-way communication and real time updates it offers. While everybody is anticipating its official release, our developers are busy perfecting the look and feel as well as the many features that this solution carries. Nevertheless, it is still good news for those who are waiting because right now the Alpha version is available LIVE at for testing.
What’s In Store in this Test Runs
 Explore Admin Settings

Users can sign up and activate their TimeTec VMS account while Admin can set up the Company information to be displayed. For those who are having multiple companies, the admin is also allowed to setup different buildings that belong to the company and add office owners who will collect respective office and owner information. For a Single Company, the Admin can start to add employees basic information as necessary.

There are a few things an Admin can perform in this account during Alpha testing which includes :
  •    Adding another admin into the company account
  •    Adding guard account for visitor’s handling
  •    Setup visitation rules to help on check-in & check-out visitor
  •    Adding new visitation details
  •    Perform visitor blacklist and whitelist
  •    View all visitation details in this company
  •    Generate and view the report based on type selection such as Visitor Checked In-Out Report, Blacklisted Visitor Report,        Visitor Profile Report, Total Visitor Report, Total Checked-In Visitor Report and Visitor Aging Report.
 Explore Office Owner View

An Office Owner can activate its TimeTec VMS Account before he can add staff’s basic information such as personal information and staff information, they view staff listing that belongs to the office, perform visitor invitation after login, and view the visitation details after login.

 Explore Staff View

In this Alpha version, staffs can also activate their TimeTec VMS Account, perform visitor invitation after he/she logins and view the visitation details after login.

 Explore Guard View

The guard can add new visitation in order to store visitor information and the guard can perform check-in and check-out of visitors.

The TimeTec VMS Alpha is LIVE now and the Beta is expected to LIVE by the second week of June and TimeTec VMS is expected to be officially released to the market on August 2019. We will keep you updated, watch this space for the announcements.