Lemon Sky Studios Greet Visitor Safely with TimeTec VMS
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Malaysia | 05/01/2020
Lemon Sky Studios is Malaysia's leading CGI studio and one of the region's best art outsourcing companies specializing in video games and animation. The company houses passionate and talented artists who create worlds, characters and creatures for countless video game projects for the world.

As an art company that relies heavily on human talents, the pandemic poses a significant risk to the business operation if precautionary measures are not in place. One thing the company needs to manage is visitors into the studios' premises. The management was looking for a system that adheres to the SOP of contact tracing and health screening as per authority requirements in dealing with the C-19 scare.

Switching from a mere logbook visitor record to a more sophisticated system, Lemon Sky Studios subscribes to TimeTec VMS, a cloud-based Visitor Management System packaged with a face recognition device, TimeTec SmartAC1/TD. The body temperature record of a visitor, details of each visit such as check-in, check out, the staff they meet, and other relevant details can be accurately recorded and generated into a report for reference at any time, from anywhere.
TimeTec VMS provides Lemon Sky Studios with multiple options of visitor registration. Apart from walk-in registration, the system also offers visitors an option to pre-register, and the staff an option to invite guests beforehand. The pre-configured visitation records are kept safe in the system and available in various formats until the visit occurs.

The visitor only needs to scan the face on a TimeTec Smart AC1/TD to verify the visit. TimeTec VMS provides visitors with a positive experience, it provides the management with all the visitation records, and protects the premises and assets from the pandemic risks.
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Demand a demo session from Mr Tengku Sulaiman at sulaiman@timeteccloud.com, or you can contact GenX Technology (M) Sdn Bhd at 012-398 5403 or info@genx-technology.com (Mr Joe Loh) who secures Lemon Sky Studios with TimeTec VMS.
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