is utilizing TimeTec VMS to monitor all personnel and visitors entering their facility
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Malaysia | 04/09/2020
Preparing for a Safer and a more Secure Working Environment
NanoMalaysia Berhad is a company under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) to act as a business entity entrusted with nanotechnology commercialization activities. Established in 2011, NanoMalaysia aims to be a global leader in nanotechnology commercialization.

Responding to the latest threat in the form of a virus, NanoMalaysia is already acting fast to prevent further strain to its business. Even though the pandemic seems to have subsided, the organization did not let loose the possibility and has become even more health and safety-conscious. Now, more than ever, it is no longer an option for organizations to neglect the security and accountability within the organization's workplace; it is a necessity.

Responding to the #newnorm, NanoMalaysia decided to install the anti-epidemic biometrics machine, TimeTec Smart AC1 and Smart Visitor Management System, TimeTec VMS, as innovative ways to rejuvenate and adapt new business operations' requirements post Covid-19 as well as to protect the organization as the workforce returns to work.

NanoMalaysia chooses TimeTec Smart AC1, a biometrics face recognition machine that scans faces for identity, scans body temperature for record purposes, and scans face masks for Covid-19’s SOP compliance. The safety elements in TimeTec Smart AC1 helps NanoMalaysia manage the staff and the visitors efficiently.

TimeTec VMS has been implemented in NanoMalaysia to meet the needs of the precautionary measures initiatives and has proved to align with the government's latest SOP.
Action Plan with TimeTec VMS:
Monitor the Ins and Outs of the Business Premises
Hassle-free Visitor Registration Process
• Hosts can pre invite visitors
• A link will be sent for visitors to fill in information on a smartphone
• TimeTec VMS auto-generates a QR Code to be used during check-in
Body Temperature Record
• TimeTec Smart AC1 records visitors’ body temperature
• TimeTec VMS screens the temperature information to determine access permission
• All information is recorded

*In the case where a visitor hits the temperature threshold, his or her access will be automatically denied.
All-time Live Monitoring
• TimeTec VMS stores all loaded data including the date and time of check-in & out, health screen records, travelling history, name of visiting employee and visitors etc.
• Maintain all-time alert with instant notification of high body temperature
Advanced Reports & Tracking
• Various format of reports are readily available
• Automated report generation system to facilitate daily access evaluation
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