TimeTec VMS Streamlines Visitor Management at Advanced Assembly Materials (M) Sdn Bhd
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Malaysia | 05/02/2021
Advanced Assembly Materials (M) Sdn Bhd is a company involved in manufacturing semiconductor components located in Johor Malaysia. The Company has been looking to improve its visitors' management for its premises and factory. The recent outbreak of Covid-19 scare has expedited the search for a reliable system as the company is not taking any chances on cross-contamination through the traditional method of using pen and logbook anymore.

The previous method does not provide the Company with decent visitation records that can be easily accessible for reference. The visitors' handwritten information gets lost in the book every year without any improvement in visitor management. With a logbook and pen method, visitors cannot register themselves before the visit, and the receptionist does not know who are coming on any particular day.

In short, they do not have any visitor managements system, only records of visitors.
All of that is transformed when the company subscribes to TimeTec VMS, the cloud-based Visitor Management System, recently. TimeTec VMS uses a cloud database via a dedicated web browser; by a simple login, the receptionist can check all the visitor records at any time of the day to better manage his/her work. All visitor details are available including total check-in visitors daily, upcoming visitors, the next day's visitors, blacklisted vendors, and more. Moreover, TimeTec VMS offers 9 report types including Visitor Check In-Out Report, Visitor Profile Report, and Total Check-In Visitor Report.

Process of visitation is also much easier with TimeTec VMS when visitors use the pre-registration feature. They can pre-register themselves for the host to approve via the App. Once approval has been granted, visitors only need to show the QR code to the guard as the details are already in the system when they arrive. TimeTec VMS then notified the host through the App when the visitors have check-in for the staff to prepare for the meeting. TimeTec VMS makes visitor management process much easier as all visitors need to do is to QR code for contactless transactions.
Let’s switch to the simple and effective Smart Visitor Management System with TimeTec VMS.
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