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Centralize Your Database with Webster
Learn About Webster
Webster acts as a platform that lets you access raw time attendance data from FingerTec hardware either installed locally or remotely, letting you connect the data to your third party application software effortlessly.
Advantages of Webster
Real time user info, transaction log and terminal data transmission and synchronize to Webster server via Internet connection (http protocol) secure and stable.
Terminal supports to connect to Webster server by using Ethernet, Wi-Fi or GPRS connection from different locations.
Centralize over hundreds of terminals to a single Webster database for easier data manipulation.
Remote monitor terminals activity and control terminals from different locations.
Automatic date and time synchronization with Webster server and supports different time zones for each terminal from different locations.
Web-based terminal, user & data management application, compatible with several web browsers like IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and etc.
Integrated with TCMS V2 for time & attendance calculation and payroll integration.
Easy 3rd party software integration for web or Windows application by access to the Webster MySQL database.
Webster SDK
Provided in dll (dynamic link library) format for easy integration and redistribution.
Simple API, easy to understand and seamless integration.
Supports remote control terminals and terminal data manipulation.
Supports terminal time zone configuration.
Complete function details and developer manual.
Provides sample source code in C# format for integration reference.
Compatible with common programming languages like C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net and etc.
Webster System Diagram
Suitable Hardware for Webster
Time Attendance AC100C, TA100C, TA200 Plus , Face ID 4
Door Access Q2i, R2 & R2c, R3, Kadex, i-Kiosk 100 Plus , Face ID 2 , Face ID 3 , Face ID 4d
Need Help?
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