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يوفر هذا المسرد تعاريف المصطلحات التي يكون لها معنى متخصص في الموقع FingerTec. مسرد المصطلحات هو تسهيل فهم أساسي من المنتجات والخدمات FingerTec. لقد ربط الكلمات في قاموس المصطلحات للويكيبيديا أو المواقع الموسوعة أخرى للحفاظ على صحته، إلا إذا تعذر العثور على الكلمات في المواقع المذكورة. إذا كان الارتباط لم يعد صالحا، يرجى اعلامنا عن طريق النقر على " تقرير ".
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5G تقرير
A تفاصيل إيضاحات أو معلومات الموقع ذات الصلة
ABS تقرير
Access Control System تقرير
AI, Artificial Intelligence تقرير
Air Quality Index تقرير
Algorithm تقرير
AIoT, Artificial Intelligence of Things The Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) is the combination of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies with the Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure to achieve more efficient IoT operations, improve human-machine interactions and enhance data management and analytics.  
Amazon EC2 Report
Android تقرير
Android Market/Google Play تقرير
Anti-passback Anti-Passback prevents users from 'tailgating' through controlled areas by tracking the entry and exit counts. A user can only exit an area that they have already entered and can only enter an area that they previously exited. If a user tailgates onto a site, the exit keypad will deny exit to them because they are not logged into the area. If a user is onsite and tailgates off of the site, they will be denied exit next time they try to enter. Anti-Passback is a function that should only be used on High Security sites where users can be trained on its use.  
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AWS IoT تقرير
Attendance Data Attendance data is all clocking activities a user reports everyday into TimeTec TA including clock-in, clock-out, lunch-out, resume from lunch, overtime and overtime-done, through multiples reporting channels (terminals, web and mobile clocking)  
Attendance Sheet Attendance sheet is where all the attendance data is displayed along with user details, working schedules, leave information and more.  
ASP Report
Backup Power تقرير
Baud Rate تقرير

Beacons transmit small amounts of data via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) up to 50 meters, and as a result are often used for indoor location technology, although beacons can be used outside as well.

Benchmark This is a standard or point of reference against which things may be compared or assessed.  
Big Data تقرير
Biometrics تقرير
Blog تقرير
BLE تقرير
Broadband تقرير
Buddy Punching Buddy punching is a term used to describe when an employee gets someone (a buddy) to punch their timecard in for them instead of doing it themselves. The reason for doing it is that the employee might be late, leaving early, taking a long break or not showing up at all but still wants to get paid for the work time even though they are not working. The company loses out on minutes, hours or even days of work.  
Carbon Footprint تقرير
Contrast تقرير
CCTV تقرير
Center Point (fingerprint) تقرير

Chrome تقرير
Cloud Computing تقرير
CloudTrack تقرير
Cloud Surveillance Cloud surveillance is CCTV surveillance service that hosted and provided using Cloud Computing Technology. تقرير
Csv تقرير
Clocking Devices Devices that are compatible to use with TimeTec TA which include FingerTec terminals for biometrics (fingerprint and facial recognition) and mobile smartphones that can install TimeTec mobile application.  
Clocking Options Options presented for users when clocking with TimeTec TA include biometrics clocking using fingerprint or face recognition devices, mobile clocking using smartphone which include GPS, NFC, Beacon and supervisor clocking, and web clocking via TimeTec TA in any web browser.  
CMMI تقرير
DLST تقرير
Door Event Software to show the status of door on a list, to alert administrator for any activities happen at the door such as normal door open-close, door ajar, door open time out etc.  
Drop bolt/Dead bolt تقرير
Duress تقرير
Data Fields A data field is column to input/store data; commonly used to refer to a column in a database or a field in a data entry form or web form. Data field may contain data to be entered as well as data to be displayed in TimeTec TA.  
Day Type The type of day applicable in the work place. The commonly used types are workdays, restdays, offdays, and holidays. There might be other day types applicable to different countries.  
Detail Schema Detail schema allows you to export day-by-day records of all users. You will have to define the position arrangement and length of each data field before you can export the attendance data.  
Device ID Device ID is the biometric terminal ID defined by the admin during setup for reference.  
Digital Wallet تقرير
Display تقرير
Diff.OT Diff. OT is a secondary overtime that defined by the company for different pay rate purposes. It can be set at the Clocking Schedule.  
Drone (same as UAV) تقرير
E تفاصيل إيضاحات أو معلومات الموقع ذات الصلة
Ecosystem تقرير
Edge Computing تقرير
Electric Strike تقرير
EM Lock                   تقرير
Encryption تقرير
Ethernet تقرير
eWallet تقرير
Extended Break Break time taken exceeds the time allowance set by the company.  
2-Factor Authentication

Face Recognition تقرير
Fail-Safe تقرير
False log Records to show failed verification happens at the terminal.  
(False Acceptance Rate) تقرير
FCC, FingerTec Cloud Center

FCC is a web platform for FingerTec customers to store all FingerTec terminals’ information and data securely on a cloud server. The platform enables customers to consolidate all their data to cloud server for viewing, managing and backing up of data purposes. 

FCC, Federation Communications Commission تقرير
Fingerprint تقرير
FingerTec Data Processor (FTDP) تقرير
Fingerprint Recognition تقرير
Firefox تقرير
Firmware تقرير
FP Key Secret password for FingerTec terminals to read and write data with Mifare card.  
FRR (False Rejection Rate) تقرير
Field Layout The field layout is the viewing rights of fields in the system which is assigned by the system administrator.  
FingerTec Terminal Clocking devices including fingerprint, face and card system produced by FingerTec.  
First Day of the Week Set the preferably first day of the week, eg: Mondays for most countries and Sundays for some countries in the Middle East, to be applied to the entire system.  
Flexi Break Users can go for breaks at anytime for a specific duration.  
Flexi Hour Total hour worked by flexi user who has no restrictions on the work time.  
Focus تقرير
FTP تقرير
GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation تقرير
Google Play/Android Market تقرير
Group Duty Roster A group duty roster is used as a calendar to assign which schedule is being used on a specific date.  
Guard Patrol System تقرير
GPRS تقرير
GPS تقرير
HID Card HID cards are simply proximity cards branded by the HID global corporation, a worldwide leader in proximity cards and access control. Like other proximity and RFID cards, an HID card is simply an ID card, which enables proximity technology in its everyday functions. HID cards, as well as other types of RFID cards and smart cards, are popular for access control, as well as other functions like public transportation and employee ID.  
Human Resources (HR) تقرير
Hierarchy Chart Hierarchy chart displays the position level of the users based on their designations in an organization.  
Holiday Holidays that are applicable to your company can be set in a calendar view.  
I تفاصيل إيضاحات أو معلومات الموقع ذات الصلة  
IIS تقرير
Internet Explorer تقرير
iOS تقرير
IoT تقرير
Interlocking تقرير
Inactive Users Inactive users are users who no longer valid in your system for reason such as being terminated, suspended or resigned.  
IP65 rating تقرير
IP address تقرير
IP camera تقرير
ISO 27001 تقرير
Job Costing Job costing is a Job-Based Pay where users’ pay is established based on types of job with different pay rate.
LAN تقرير
Latch تقرير
Leave Type Types of leaves applicable in your company such as annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave etc.  
LPR, License Plate Recognition (or ANPR) تقرير
MIFARE card تقرير
Minutiae Point تقرير
MNC تقرير
Mobile Application Development تقرير
MYOB تقرير
MsSQL Server تقرير
MySQL تقرير
Missed Punch Clocking activity that supposed to be done is missed by users.  
Mobile ID A unique ID registered if you are using TimeTec mobile app. This ID will be stored in TimeTec system and it is tied up with one user account only. This can prevent multiple user account to login into the same mobile app.  
Multi-Tenant Report
.Net تقرير
Network sharing تقرير
NFC Near Field Communication تقرير
Normally Open/Close تقرير
NFC Near Field Communication, or simply known as NFC is a type of technology that enables two electronic devices to establish communication. In TimeTec, NFC can be used as a clocking method using the TimeTec mobile app.  
NVR, Network Video Recorder تقرير
OCR تقرير
ODBC تقرير
Offday Offdays that are declared by the company, eg: Saturdays and Sundays  
ONVIF تقرير
Organization Structure The Organization Structure allows you to create your company’s branches, departments or sections in multiple sub-level of each division. You can then assign users into their respective division.  
Patrol System تقرير
Payroll Report
Penetration Test تقرير
PDF تقرير
Port Forwarding تقرير
Power over Ethernet or PoE تقرير
Prism تقرير
Push Technology تقرير
Periodic Totals Enabling the periodic totals in Day Type eg: workday, system will count and consider workdays which will be affected in the settings of Group Duty Roster.  
PTZ تقرير
QR Code تقرير
Receipt Printer تقرير
RFID card تقرير
RoHS, Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive تقرير
ROI, Return on Investment تقرير
RS232 تقرير
RS485 تقرير
rtf تقرير
Rate/Hour Pay rate or salary per hour of an individual user. This can be set in every user profile, under the Employment Information section.  
Reporting Channel All the clocking methods available in TimeTec such as FingerTec Device, Mobile and Web.  
Restday Restdays that declared by the company, eg: Saturdays and Sundays.  
Roster Roster is the user’s individual working calendar which consists of working schedule, restdays/holidays & attendance data.  
S تفاصيل إيضاحات أو معلومات الموقع ذات الصلة
Safari تقرير


Schedule Bell Time set into device, to ring bell to alert users to change shift or clocking status.  

Smart Card               تقرير
Smart Community تقرير
SLA, Service-Level Agreement

SME تقرير
Smoothing Mode

Software as a Service (SaaS) تقرير
Software Development Kit (SDK) تقرير
Shared Mobile When Shared Mobile is enabled, other user accounts can login to the owner’s mobile app, with restriction of viewing data only.  
Summary Schema The summary schema allows you to export the summary records of all users. You will have to define the position arrangement and length of each data field before you can export the attendance data.  
SSL Report
System Roles TimeTec is designed to provide restricted access to authorized users as permitted by the company. Different system role has different access to specific module in TimeTec.  
T9 Input تقرير

Tardiness committed by users includes late-in, early out, extended break, missed punch and short hour.

TCP/IP تقرير
TCMS V2 تقرير
TeamViewer تقرير
Time & Attendance تقرير
TimeTec Web تقرير
Transaction log تقرير
Terminal Group Grouping of biometric terminals for better management when assigning users.  
TimeTec Account Issuance Date The user TimeTec’s account start date. Attendance data will only be available starting from the account issuance date. It is a mandatory field while adding a new user.  
Time Zone Different Time Zone can be applied to individual user based on the working location around the world.  
Turnstile تقرير
UAV, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle تقرير
UHF تقرير
UI Style تقرير
USB Host تقرير
User ID User ID is a unique ID for individual user that available in TimeTec.  
Vacant Possession 'Vacant possession' refers to a legal obligation to ensure that a property is in a state fit to be occupied at a given point in time. Vacant possession is most commonly known of on the sale and purchase of residential property and many find that, on the purchase of a new home, they do not obtain vacant possession as desired. The concept is also an essential element in the grant and termination of leases and other tenancy agreements. It is a topical issue for lawyers and surveyors along with estate agents and others connected to land and buildings.  
Visual Fox Pro تقرير
VMS, Visitor Management System

VR, Virtual Reality تقرير
VSaaS تقرير
WAN تقرير
Web Application تقرير
Webserver تقرير
Webster تقرير
Wifi تقرير
Wiegand تقرير
Workforce Management تقرير
Web Access Users are able to login to web with their account when the company enable the web access for them.  
Work Code Work code allows users to report a remark while clocking. For example, work code 11 which is traffic jam is reported by a user who is late for work. The remark will then be displayed in attendance sheet and reports.  
Work Rate Work Rate displays the average attendance performance of all users. A 100% work rate meaning there is no tardiness committed by the users.  
Workday Workdays that are declared by the company, eg: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and so forth.  
Zoom تقرير