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Real-Time Data Transferring
Real-time user info, transaction log and terminal data transmission and synchronize to Webster server via internet connection (http protocol) making it secure and stable.
Supports Ethernet, Wi-Fi and GPRS Connection
Terminal supports to connect to Webster server by using Ethernet, Wi-Fi or GPRS connection from different locations.
Data Centralization
Centralize over hundreds of terminals to a single Webster database for easier data manipulation.
Remote Monitoring Terminal
Remote monitor terminals activity and control terminals from different locations.
Automatic Date and Time Synchronization
Automatic date and time synchronization with Webster server and supports different time zone for each terminal from different locations.
Web Based Management
After the initial installation of Webster, management of Webster can be done simply via the web and compatible with several web browsers like IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and etc.
Simplified Data Processing
With Webster, it is simple for the TCMS V2 or any other third party software to login and download attendance data for further processing.
Integration Made Easy
Webster acts as a platform that centralizes data from FingerTec terminals, making it easy for you to integrate any third party software at any point of time by accessing the Webster MySQL database.
Layout Plan
Conventional Functioning without Webster
Functioning with Webster
Advantages of a Webster Integrated System
Data is easily and remotely centralized in one single server.   Branch and HQ management easily done from any location.
Large data storage without having to worry about housekeeping.   Firewall friendly (using standard port 80)
Easily integrated with TCMS V2 or any other third party software.   Uses the latest Microsoft technology, Visual Studio .NET 2010 on .NET Framework 4.0.
Management of data is all done via the web.   Uses MySql Database: the world’s most popular open source, reliable & fast database.
Webster-Enabled Terminals
Black & white screen models
Colour screen models
Note: Black & white screen models with "W" indicates that the terminal is Webster-enabled.
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