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22 October, 2007
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30 October, 2007
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9 October, 2007
18 October, 2007
FRIS manual update
FRIS software update
31 October, 2007
TCMS V2.1.2 version
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9 October, 2007
M2/R2 manual update
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18 October, 2007
FRIS manual update
31 October, 2007
TCMS V2.1.2 version
1902 - First systematic use of fingerprints in the U.S. by the New York Civil Service Commission for testing. Dr. Henry P. DeForrest pioneers U.S. fingerprinting.
R2 is the latest fingerprint-RFID door access & time attendance system....
FingerTec®’s GRP Attracted Crowd in Hong Kong Electronic Fair
The simple yet effective Global Reseller Program (GRP) of FingerTec had sparked a lot of interests from the crowd during the HK Global Sources Electronic Fair, which was held from 12th to 15th October 2007 at the AsiaWorld –Expo Hong Kong. FingerTec® had received considerable numbers of enquiries mostly from buyers from Asia and Europe countries that were intrigued by the concept of a product which solves it all. FingerTec’s GRP focuses on making things easy with availability of relevant materials for example manuals, diagrams, self learn videos, supporting websites, etc, to cater to the needs of resellers as well as end users....
Printing of Attendance Receipt is Made Available with FingerTec® Readers
All verifications and transactions of FingerTec® readers are saved in the terminal memory of the respective readers. The transaction logs can be pulled into a PC via TCMS V2 software for further data processing, analysis and reports. The data and the records which are available in FingerTec® readers and/or in the computers cannot be viewed by the users unless reports are printed upon request.However, recently there has been a demand exclusively from South America to let users having a proof that they have used the fingerprint machines for time attendance....
For small-sized companies, which have less than 20 staff, to invest in fingerprint reader for time attendance purpose could be extravagant. However, the need to keep track of staff’s attendance records is getting more and more important these days not only to ensure good discipline amongst staff but at the same time the data and information captured by the time attendance system could be used for other purposes such as payroll, staff appraisal, etc and easy storage. FingerTec Worldwide has produced an affordable fingerprint solution utilizing the OFIS SDK to cater to the need, which known as OFIS TA....
November, 2007
FingerTec will join International Trade Malaysia 2007 organised by Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE) from November 12-15 at the Matrade Exhibition & Convention Center MECC, Kuala Lumpur. This exhibition offers the gateway to global opportunities and it is the most ideal platform for manufacturers, importers and exporters, traders....
January, 2008
Once again FingerTec will showcase its product at the Intersec Middle East, the largest Security, Fire, Safety & Health and Police & Homeland Security Exhibition in the Middle East. We are looking for resellers and distributors particularly from Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Middle East. The exhibition will be held from 13-15 January 2008 and FingerTec will be at booth 3820C....
April, 2008
Secutech Expo 2008 – Taipei World Trade Center, Taiwan FingerTec will participate in Secutech Expo 2008; Asia’s most international security event that will be held in Taiwan. The expo will be held on 16-18 April 2008 at the Taipei World Trade Center, Taiwan. SecuTech 2008, highlighting the security industry, the coverage of themes are comprised of security concerns, security equipments, fire & safety, industrial safety and information safety....
Data loss can occur in many ways. One of the most common causes is power failure or spikes. It can result in loss of the time attendance logs, which stored in the reader. The probability of a failure is lower these days due to upcoming technologies and improved reliabilities. Still you don't want to risk your most coveted time attendance transaction logs, man-hours of settings and customizations etc....
Aggressive Marketingof FingerTec in Mexico through GM Robotic
GM Robotic SA de CV is a distributor of FingerTec® brand of fingerprint time attendance and door access control system in Mexico. Having been in the industry for more than 5 years, GM Robotic SA dedicate to supply FingerTec® products in this Latin country since a year ago. FingerTec® newsletter editorial team had a chance to interview Managing Director of the company, Mr Uzziel Garcia to find more....
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