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FingerTec News  05/01/2017
Beyond Biometrics 2017 Edition is Out Now,
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The cover of Beyond Biometrics 2017 portrays a modern man in a suit without a tie, a shiny watch with no car, a sling bag that is not even leather. Just a wide smile, an ol-skool fixed gear bicycle and, a smartphone in hand. We chose this cover because we noticed a change in the value system of today’s society, the meaning of success is no longer paired with traditional ideas of luxury such as; shiny continental cars and exquisite fashion. The future generation is looking for freedom, be it in terms of wealth, finances, or work, they want freedom. To live life without extensive automobile bank loans; To work more and be more productive than simply physically present, that is the new idea of success; And we at TimeTec & Fingertec, acknowledges these desires and lead the way in Information Technology to satisfy these desires.

Beyond Biometrics 2017 opens with a keynote by TimeTec Group CEO Mr Teh Hon Seng in his own words ; “Winter is Coming? or is it Spring”, with seasonal change comes the winter cold, and he expects the chills, but cautions us readers to prepare the firewood & blankets, with advise to set aside some hot chocolate and marshmallow while we’re at it, because Winter may be coming, but without the harsh cold, we could just consider it Pre-spring.

Flip a few pages and find out what's new with TimeTec cloud solutions, gleaming the line up we have, i-Neighbour and TimeTec Patrol. Sneak a peek into our 2017 product line up, where we introduce the latest FingerTec TA 700W, TimeTec Leave, TimeTec VMS, TimeTec Hire and Mobile Workforce.

The expression of freedom is often mentioned in the same sentence as travelling. If there is one thing we love more than travelling, it is to see our products travel to new lands. Follow our story in Ivory Coast, West Africa, where FingerTec Biometrics is deployed to protect and serve Cipharm’s organizational needs.

We understand that adopting new technologies such as Cloud may seem scary to some, it is good to be cautious in business. Be sure to give Natalina Zainal Top 10 article a chance to Shake off that Worry, and you might just be the next new leader in your industry.