Watch Our Feature Highlights on Videos
Short clips demonstrating the additional features in FingerTec terminals
Photo ID
Duration: 0.41 mins
The staff photo ID will be displayed right after fingerprint verification to confirm the machine is capturing the correct user.
Push Technology
Duration: 0.42 mins
The logs of the attendance can be pushed to cloud server (FCC or TimeTec TA) automatically for real-time monitoring. Suitable for MNC, food chain stores and etc.
Duration: 1:25 mins
FingerTec terminal are loaded with a siren feature to signal employees about the time and of an emergency situation.
Card Feature
Duration: 1.01 mins
The card feature can be used as a combination verification for companies that require a more secured solution for access control.
Models: All FingerTec models come with the card feature except AC100, AC100C and AC900, Keylock 6600.
Short Messaging
Duration: 1 mins
FingerTec has short messaging system or known as SMS to let you communicate with your staff easily.
Work Codes
Duration: 1 mins
Work codes are used in time attendance to define your attendance movement.
Models: All FingerTec models come with the work codes feature except H2i, m-kadex, R2i, i-Kadex and Keylock series.
Internal Backup Battery
Duration: 1:04 mins
Best for those who required a mobile solution. For example : drivers, farm worker, shipping yard, etc.
Anti Passback
Duration: 1:05 mins
The anti-passback feature is designed to prevent misuse of the access control system. The anti-passback feature establishes a specific sequence in which access cards/fingerprints must be used in order for the system to grant access.
Alarm Output
Duration: 1 mins
This feature is to connect the terminal to a 3rd party alarm system. Whenever there is a forced open door, or if the door is not closing properly or if someone is trying to dismantle the terminal it will trigger the alarm.
Time Zone
Duration: 1:17 mins
Time zone feature let you to define daily access time slot for all your staff. Multiple time zones can be grouped and you could assign the user access by using time zone group.
Duration: 0:57 mins
The Wifi option allows you to connect with users in remote areas without the need for laying new cables for a faster transfer of attendance data.
Extra Security with Duress Fingerprint
Duration: 0:57 mins
Duress finger function provides just that when you register a finger to be your duress finger in an emergency.