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FingerTec News  05/01/2017
Scheduling Made Easy in Ingress and V3,
No More Schedule-Complications!
Schedule is important in any business operations. Many businesses apply the common 8 hours 9-6 or 8-5 schedule but some others cannot resort to the normal schedule because their businesses require longer hours or more flexible hours to cater to the business or the services the customers expect. For airline operators or transportation operators like commuter for example, 4/10 compressed work schedules are preferred. 4/10 refers to 4 days of working of 10 hours and having the rest of the week off. For employees in the medical industry, the hours are even more demanding and rotation of shifts must be done to the T to ensure smooth operations. Factory workers would require 24/7 operations that demand a fixed schedule that uses 3 teams and 8 hour shifts to cover 24/7 operations. One shift covers day shift (8-hr); one covers swing shift (8-hr) and another covers night shift (8-hr). The point is, scheduling can be very easy and it could get complex depending on the nature of one’s business operation.

Having said that, over the years FingerTec had received many questions on scheduling because customers did not feel confident to set the schedule by themselves and they required us to handhold them in the process and many were stuck in the setup process as well. To provide better user experience for all our esteemed customers, the next release of Ingress will provide you with a wizard to make scheduling a breeze. The wizard will ask you a series of questions related to your organization processes, all you need to do is to answer those questions properly and voilà, your schedule will be produced correctly by the system. If you are not familiar about scheduling, you can study this link to understand more before you attempt to set scheduling in Ingress/TCMS V3. Nevertheless, with the scheduling wizard, you can just answer those questions and you’ll get your schedule in no time at all.

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