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Automating Your Office with FingerTec Biometric Devices
Biometrics identification systems are becoming a common trend in today’s office automation, however, getting to this level was not an easy task. Slowly but surely, the Management of various workplaces has started seeing the benefit of employing a biometric system for their staff management as it decreases inaccuracy caused from incidents such as buddy punching.

Aside from offering competitive prices for all its fingerprint products, FingerTec is a company that puts a lot of effort to present its products as DIY, mending the gap between the technology and our customers, to significantly reduce implementation time and costs. Not just that, we also have gone the extra mile to enable FingerTec to be implemented globally by localizing the languages both in our hardware and software. Let us walk you through the advantages of choosing a FingerTec biometric device.

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Top Quality Hardware
FCC and CE certified, discreet QC, proven 1:N
verification, basic and advanced time attendance and door access settings – All in all, FingerTec products are reliable and user-friendly, as proven by our various certifications of quality control. FingerTec terminals come in many different languages, both in our hardware and software. Choose from our selection of language settings when placing your order!
Extensive Software Support
All our time attendance products come with a bundled software called the TCMS V2 – a proven software that provides extensive time attendance functionalities and access control products come with Ingress, an advanced door security software. Both software applications generates a various 16 useful reports and seamlessly integrates with FingerTec’s hardware that are being used by thousands around the world.
End User Support Site
FingerTec goes out of its way to make its end-users feel supported. That’s why we’ve created the End-User Support Website. In this website, you’ll find links connecting you to our warranty registration site, our technical tips, our catalog of accessories, and the latest updates for our software. Have you lost your software key? Simply head over to the website to retrieve a new one, or you can also drop your comments through our feedback form.
Going Green DVD
The Going Green DVD contains everything you need. In lieu with our new mission to reduce carbon footprints associated with FingerTec, we have now compacted our software, video guides, quick start guides, installation guides, and manuals into a DVD called the FingerTec Going Green DVD. These manuals are paginated so that if needed, you may print them out without any hassle. Also in our DVD are some of our useful external links such as to our End-User website and our warranty registration site.
Global Product Warranty
When you purchase a FingerTec biometric terminal, it comes with a 36-month limited end-user warranty period from the date of your purchase. This means that if any warranted part starts to malfunction or does not work properly, we will fix or replace the part for you without any further questions. Simple and straightforward.
  Contact and a reply will reach you within 12 hours, guaranteed.
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  Allow us first-hand view of errors and glitches, and lets us fix them for you instantly.
Email and Online Support
And if that’s not enough, FingerTec also has various other forms of support and communication that you might need if you find yourself facing a tough time with our product.
Should you have an inquiry, simply drop an email and get a reply within 24 hours, or if you find yourself facing a problem with one of our products, you can email our support team to get a reply within 12 short hours, or you can add our certified technicians to your preferred online chat interface and communicate with them directly!
FINGERTEC is made available in more than 150 countries, installed in tens of thousands of sites worldwide and used by millions around the clock.