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Face ID X
X-ceeding X-pectations!
FingerTec News | 05/04/2019
The most anticipated new Face ID X has arrived with bigger capacity face and better performance! Face ID X supports a massive storage capacity of 30,000 face templates for 1:1 verification, 3,000 face templates for 1:N verification, 50,000 fingerprint templates, 10,000 card templates and a monumental 1 million transaction data at any given time; effectively making it a next level face recognition machine.
Outfitted with two types of advanced biometrics technologies with dual cameras, 1.2GHz Dual Core Microprocessor and more, Face ID X is more than capable of providing a swift and accurate identity verification.
Face ID X only takes 30 seconds for a registration, less than 2 seconds for a face verification and less than 1 second for a fingerprint verification; comparable with just a blink of an eye. For future proofing, it even comes packed with the sophisticated PUSH Technology that ensures its compatibility with cloud-based solution such as TimeTec TA.
On top, Face ID X also comes packed with 2000mAH large capacity Lithium-ion Battery to ensure a fully operational device at approximately 4 hours in case of any power interruptions.

All in all Face ID X is impressive and the device is suitable for a client that requires a large capacity machine and contactless door access and time attendance solution. Try now and experience the convenience of Face ID X.