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Malaysia | 05/02/2018
FingerTec at Employer Payroll Obligation and Income Tax Planning 2018
On 11 January 2018, FingerTec participated in Employer Payroll Obligation and Income Tax Planning 2018 seminar organized by SQL Payroll at KL Wisma MCA. The speaker of the day, Mr. Soong Liew, who is an approved GST Tax Agent by the Ministry of Finance covered on various topics such as Employment Insurance Scheme (EIS), Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF), Payroll Audit Framework and many more towards throngs of visitors present at the event.

Other than learning about the latest updates regarding the aspect of payroll and tax planning, FingerTec also took this opportunity to showcase the conveniences of our biometric products such as TA100C and Face ID 4 for attendance to the visitors and they were also introduced to TimeTec cloud-based solution to achieve a more efficient workforce management.

TimeTec TA is a cloud-based Time Attendance solution designed to help organizations reduce their administrative overhead by eliminating the time spent on manual timecard calculations, decrease overall labor costs, and to shrink the gap between payroll policy and actual practice. Efficiency is key in any business organization and the mismanagement of staff's time & effort will only hold a company back. Hence, the usage of advanced time clock devices, such as FingerTec biometric terminals and TimeTec TA will help your company operate at its full potential.
On the other hand, TimeTec Leave is a Leave Management System that manages, maintains and regulates the leave aspect starting from application right down to the approval process. Additionally, TimeTec Leave also caters to employees with a wide array of profiles with its readily available formulas for complex calculations of employee’s leave, based on factors such as length of service, type of leave taken, accruals and etc. That said, companies can even define Leave Policies, Restrictions and Allocations for employees in order to comply with the country labor laws. All in all, with these two solutions at hand, companies can expect a better operational flow in terms of their payroll obligations and income tax planning.
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