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Indonesia | 05/02/2018
Surakarta Timing With FingerTec
Located in the basin between two mountains, that is Merapi Mount and Lawu Mount in the East and bordered by Bengawan Solo River in the South, lies the beautiful city of Surakarta in Central Java. The city of Surakarta also known as Solo is made up of the Surakarta Municipality as well as 59 districts spread across 7 regencies and is currently home to over 3 million of its citizens.
Seeing that the population of the city is steadily expanding, the Government of Surakarta has also decided to improve its operation flow in order to better serve its society and achieve its vision of becoming an independent, developed and prosperous city of culture. With some advice from our Jakarta reseller, CV Access Computer, the Government of Surakarta soon discovers about the incredible capabilities of a biometric solution and promptly selects FingerTec AC100C as the answer towards their concerns.

AC100C is FingerTec biometric Time & Attendance System which allows users to carry out clocking using one of the most convenient and secure access credentials: Fingerprint. This device holds an amazing capacity of 8000 fingerprint templates and 200000 transaction records plus it comes with the latest PUSH technology, suitable for FCC data storage and convenient for a cloud-based solution such as TimeTec TA.

With that, the Government of Surakarta is now very pleased with the installation and time attendance performance of AC100C along with its bundled software, TCMS V3 within its office compounds. At FingerTec, we produce sophisticated biometric products that are both affordable and practical for the industry; effectively changing the unreachable technology into a state-of-the art “touchable” product.
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