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The New Generation of FingerTec OFIS-Z
FingerTec News | 01/02/2019
Nowadays, security threats come from every direction, even from an angle that you least expect it. In light of these concerns, FingerTec now introduces the latest OFIS-Z to combat the issues.
As stated by Changlong et. al. (2010), in their research Fingerprint Liveness Detection Based on Multiple Image Quality Features, whereby
  Studies have shown that artificial fingers made by silicone, gelatin or other materials can spoof most of the existing fingerprint sensors including optical sensor, capacitive sensor, etc.   
Therefore, the New Generation of OFIS-Z comes equipped with a live fingerprint feature. This particular feature not only provides better scanning quality, but it also rejects any attempts on fake fingerprint. Since OFIS-Z runs on Browser/Server (B/S) Environment, the scanner can thus be used as a verification station for a variety of applications such as an enrollment station to a secure PC or an online login system; maximizing security at all times.
Feature Points of OFIS-Z
Integrate with WindowsBased Solutions
Password Free
Manage Your Own Application Securely
Integrated Programming Language
Centralized Fingerprint Database
Easy Integration
Precise Recognition
Plug & Play
At FingerTec, we produce sophisticated Biometric Products that are affordable as well as practical for the Workforce Management and Security Industries. FingerTec is a one-stop center for your operational needs; you can now be confident with your authentication by getting the powerful OFIS-Z today.
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