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Taking biometrics to another level
FingerTec News | 05/02/2020
Indeed, there are no limitations to where biometrics belong. Grow from time to time and make changes from place to place. The term ‘technology’ has been so embraced across different fields and by notable diverse people. Unfortunately, many have chosen to stay within the comfort zone with their customary frame of mind. Never really moving forward.
Today, a news was published. A government school based in Johor Bahru, established by the name of SK Taman Perling has astounded the world by its launch of facial recognition system at the school. Seeing the digital era has been changing the world gradually over time, the headmaster of this primary school believed in the positive effects this decision would bring to the school’s daily operation.

In the teeth of critic-audiences, most wonder why would a primary school seeks for such advancement in terms of creating a student database to store students’ information and attendance record. Moreover, it sure did take notice to the public about the deprivation of the possible interaction for students’ face and name recognition between teachers and students. Despite it all, SK Taman Perling has demonstrated an overcome of old-fashioned routine and has employed what it is agreed as the most prevalent in society today.

Supported affirmatively by the non-governmental organization Myrahub Foundation, the headmaster is proud to admit that the donation of this system is showing an appreciation by easing the attendance workload for the teachers in parallel with their attendance as staff. He has also asserted his interest to extend this technological change for tighter students’ security that will notably mitigate intruders or unfamiliar faces from entering the school buildings.

This news truly is a piece of gratifying article that proves biometrics have no boundary for expansion. Knowing that our brand is one of the leading brands in this field, the latest edition of biometric verification terminal - Face ID X deserves more recognition than ever and the built-in strengths of this device are ready to take biometrics to another level!

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