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Configure Your Holiday Settings and New Year Roster in TCMS V3/Ingress Right
FingerTec News | 05/02/2020
Over the years, clients have grown fond of FingerTec TCMS V3/Ingress software for smoothing over things between employers and employees, management and administration. Nothing needs to be impromptu anymore with the availability of the software. Among features FingerTec software offers that are favoured and recommended include New Year Roster and Holiday Settings that helps to quit redundant work.

Now, this article will explain how to configure your business’s New Year Duty Roster and import the Holiday list without redoing it every year or when all you need is to amend several tiny changes.
New Year Roster
For companies that have a systematized and organized calendar that is similar almost every year can choose to import the roster for auto sync of important dates for higher efficiency. Otherwise, an option which allows admin to create a new group duty roster with the assistance of auto-schedule functions can also be prompted.
  To set the Group Duty Roster for New Year, go to Attendance > Group Duty Roster, then select the desired year at the top right of the window.

  Click on the Edit button. Here, you can choose to import the roster or to create the new Group Duty Roster. If the settings of the year that you have selected earlier are similar to the previous year, you may open the previous year’s settings as your reference.

  Once completed, double-check the roster setting of the New Year. Then, click Save.

  Admin please not forget to add users that belong to this Duty Roster.

New Year Roster is now generated and can be viewed in the Attendance Sheet!

Holiday Setting
Have your holiday list from the previous years and want to import to the current year/ next calendar year? Easy. Again, the redundant work can be skipped with a simple click to import all desired dates of breaks. Another key highlight: Public holidays that fall on the same date every single year (e.g. New Year, Christmas) will be automatically included by default mode.
  Go to Attendance > Holiday List > List View, select the year that you wish to import the holiday list.

  Click on the Edit button, then select Import.

  Choose the desired year and include the types of holidays on that selected year to be imported. Tick the boxes to indicate the holidays you wish to import. Click Import.

  The selected holidays are now imported to the new year calendar. Click Save once you have checked that all settings are correct.

Holiday Calendar is now generated!

TCMS V3/Ingress software can show you MORE!

It’s time to come to an end for the tunnel of struggle with TCMS V3/ Ingress. In reality, how much this is going to affect the state of mind of a healthy business in the most unhealthy way? Well, the leaders know.

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