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   Jordan | 05/01/2018
Capital Bank Controlling Attendance With TA100CR
Since its inception in 1995, Capital Bank has grown to become one of the top financial institutions in Jordan, offering the Jordanian market a comprehensive set of commercial and investment banking services tailored to the needs of individuals and corporate clients alike. Specialized in trade finance activities, Capital Bank's mission is to deliver reliable and flexible solutions to accommodate its clients' time constraints and business schedules.
With that particular goal set in mind, Capital Bank wanted to boost its productivity even further as well as conserve its precious time resources to better serve their valuable customers. The company was looking for a way to automate their attendance system and a solution that could be integrated into their HR/Payroll system. Through our Jordan reseller, Euro Jordan Trading Company, Capital Bank discovered a solution that could solve both issues simultaneously, and that is FingerTec TA100CR.

TA100CR is a fingerprint verification reader that takes less than 2 seconds to clock a staff and represents a move to the modern era of workforce time attendance. All your employees will have to do is just scan their fingerprint on the device and the attendance records for the day will automatically be taken care of. What’s more, this specific model also provides an additional method for employees to clock in by card. Nowhere else will you be able to find a more comprehensive solution at such an affordable cost.

Presently, Capital Bank is using 17 units of TA100CR along with its bundled software within their premises. Together with the latest PUSH technology, TA100CR also makes it more convenient for a company like Capital Bank to implement our sophisticated cloud-based subscription software: TimeTec TA in the future.

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