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FingerTec Biometrics Access Becomes the Guardian Angel for Doha IBHAR Enterprises

Global News (Middle East)
Qatar | 03/01/2020
A continuously expanding and diversifying business, IBHAR Enterprises, started its business in the field of real estate investment and marketing projects within the state of Qatar. With over 70,000 active listings made them the largest inventory of apartments in Qatar, Turkey, and Egypt.

This November 2019, IBHAR has successfully installed FingerTec Ingress Software integrated with FingerTec Product Face ID 3, to back them up at controlling staff entrances and exits, plus, with an automated prudent filtration of their daily visitors’ entries.

FingerTec access control products and software become a piece of astute equipment for the business to consolidate its security foundation. The convenience that came along with the launched of this surveillance facility manifested the boon of face recognition technology.

Shielding the premises with one Asia top biometrics brand, the CEO of IBHAR Enterprises has expressed his contentment:
  Thanks to Intelligent Project - FingerTec Distributor in Doha, our business operation indeed has a radical change after the installation of FingerTec system. Better, so much better.   
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