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FingerTec Approved For New Hoi An City
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Vietnam | 03/07/2018
New Hoi An City is a future urban project by HB Group, one of the leading investment management companies in Vietnam. Stretching along the coast of An Bang, New Hoi An City consists of six functional districts carrying all infrastructure of a city. What’s more, the city is built with environmental sustainability in mind thus enabling a more eco-friendly community to be established.
As the goal implies, HB Group is likewise looking for a solution that is not only green for the environment but also equally capable in terms of securing its premises. That said, the premise in question is none other than OZO Condotel, a 4-star international holiday resort located within New Hoi An City. Looking at the requirements set forth by HB Group, our Vietnam reseller, Futech Jsc recommended FingerTec i-Kadex and Ingressus I to be utilized in the company latest project.
i-Kadex is a slave terminal for the access control system that captures information from the RFID card and sends the information to an access controller such as Ingressus I for verification. Since i-Kadex is designed in a compact form factor, its footprint on the environment will be kept at a low minimum. Regardless of its small structure, the device is also very impervious against the elements being both dustproof and water-resistant. Setup together with Ingressus I, i-Kadex is more than able to maintain the security in OZO Condotel thus providing a comprehensive access control system.
OZO Condotel@New Hoi An City has deployed over 40 units of i-Kadex and Ingressus I together with its bundled software along various entrances and exits of the building. Hence, visitors of the resort can definitely expect their safety as well as the safety of the environment to be aspects that are highly regarded. FingerTec produces sophisticated Biometric products that are affordable and practical for the Workforce Management and Security Industry; explore the links below to experience the various solutions offered.
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