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Twellium Beverage Factory in Ghana Chooses Biometrics Access
Security Measures
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Ghana | 05/07/2019
In the country of Ghana, Nsawam Road Accra Accra lies the home of Twellium Beverage Factory that produces quality beverages such as mineral water, sodas and energy drinks for over 60 countries around the world and a staple for many. Like many factories, tracking and handling of the workforce is a lot of work due to their sheer number, which could cause potential problems for example, unauthorised personnel could sneak past the crowd to enter the restricted area of a building to cause harm. Another challenge of handling a large number of workers is the inefficient way of tracking attendance. Twellilum’s solution to that was using manual log books but it was proven ineffective because it was slow, messy, exploitable and insecure. Their solution was in desperate need of an upgrade that could help provide them efficiency and security and for that, they turned to automation.

In search of a more secure, reliable and efficient system, the collaboration of Telecomputer Network Systems and Cortex Technologies introduces the FingerTec biometrics system. Twellium Beverage Factory now uses the H2i and Q2i FingerTec models along with the Ingress software to monitor access, and staff attendance. The combination of both H2i and Q2i is a pair that cut cost without compromising on its performance and quality. These models have been configured on turnstiles to control access to the factory. Without having a fingerprint template stored in FingerTec devices, unauthorized people are denied access to the factory without requiring any additional supervision. The decision to choose the Q2i model is due to the fact that it holds up to 10,000 users and over 200,000 transaction logs, perfect for factories with a large number of employees. With the Q2i, it is also equipped with an alarm system for when a break-in happens. The model comes with a durable exterior, a suitable feature for a factory environment, along with a 3-year warranty. The H2i on the other hand is a slicker and more compact version of the door access model, and it acts as a slave to capture fingerprint templates for verification at the Q2i.

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Since the upgrade from their manual book logs, Twellilum factory has become more secure with the access control feature that requires fingerprint for access permission. The factory has also improved its efficiency of receiving attendance data digitally from staff with just a touch of a finger, and the data can be exported to its payroll solution easily during the payroll period.

Recently, Twellium has opened a new biscuit factory with the same concerning problems of security and efficiency, and they are planning to deploy similar FingerTec solution at the new factory for a smoother operation.

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