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Melaka MARA Offices Switched to FingerTec Card Security
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Malaysia | 05/07/2019
The Majlis Amanah Rakyat or acronym Mara is an agency under the Ministry of Rural Development of Malaysia that carries the duty to promote, facilitate and carry out economic and social development amongst Malaysia’s Bumiputera which consists of the Malays and other indigenous Malaysians nationwide for more than 53 years. The agency prides themselves as an organization of trust and of their mission to lead Malaysians of indigenous background into fields of entrepreneurship, education and investments to enhance equity.

As MARA is a national initiative, it has offices and branches all over the country in various states, and in Melaka, a state in the south region of the Peninsular alone, MARA has 4 offices located in major areas. One in the City Center, one in the district of Ayer Keroh, one in Jasin and another is in Alor Gajah. These offices were looking to change their security solutions to a more recent, reliable and secure system and they turned to FingerTec Melaka Reseller, Snadi Tech, located in Taman Asean, Malim, Melaka to help them with the installation.
Choosing a more reliable smartcard solution, MARA Melaka gave a green light for Snadi Tech to install FingerTec Kadex Mifare at the main entrances and restricted areas of the 4 MARA offices. With the new system in place, those authorised personnel are issued with Mifare cards for access and attendance purposes, and to ease the cost of their security system upgrade, Snadi Tech pairs the Kadex Mifare with slave k-Kadex so MARA gets to install the whole IN-OUT card system at a reasonable cost.
Door Access & Time Attendance

By using Kadex card solution with Ingress software, now MARA Melaka can trace the access activities of their personnel and use the access data as attendance data as well, because Ingress comes with some basic time attendance features to track employees’ work time. Besides, the main office in the city center is not in the dark anymore on the whereabouts of the employees in other branches because they can obtain the data securely and accurately for reports and analysis.