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Jordan | 05/06/2018
Nabil Keeping Employees In Check with Face Technology
Since 1945, Al Nabil Company specializes in manufacturing a wide range of frozen & chilled products with over 1000 highly experience employees focusing on producing and marketing the food products which are available in different styles of packaging, to cater to the retail and wholesale markets.
For a food production company such as Nabil, managing employees isn’t as trivial considering that not only the amount of employees will be a concern but also the amount of production lines in placed as each line adheres to different rules and regulations. With a total of 9 production lines, a smart solution is certainly required in order to keep the employees in check and with assistance from our exclusive distributor, Euro Jordan Trading Company, Nabil deploys FingerTec Face ID 2 facial recognition product in their company.

With Face ID 2, employees of Nabil can clock their attendance accurately and by using this method, employees can maintain a hands-free approach to retain the hygiene factor, which is certainly a must for a food production company. Furthermore, Face ID 2 can store more than 10,000 user templates and up to 200,000 transaction logs; thus is more than capable of being deployed in large-scale companies.

As stated by Eng. Mohammad al Azzeh, IT Manager of Nabil Factory: “Face ID 2 helps reduces the clocking complications as the device allows a contactless approach via facial recognition. Moreover, it is also a highly dependable solution due to its efficiency and capacity”.

Al Nabil Company has now installed FingerTec Face ID 2 within the company’s HQ as well as various branches and is benefiting from contactless verification, greater productivity efficiency and tighter security all from one compact biometrics device.

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