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Vietnam | 05/06/2018
Premium Apartment D. Le Roi Soleil Deploys FingerTec
Located next to West Lake in Hanoi, D. Le Roi Soleil is a premium apartment designed with outstanding living values in mind and neoclassical art style. The entire building is clad in granite materials that are imported from Brazil, India and Italy as well as adorned with reliefs carved from natural stone. Additionally, the residence also offers a variety of facilities such as luxury spa, restaurants, gym, indoor swimming pool and many more for the residents to enjoy.

With such a luxurious compound in placed, the Management of D. Le Roi Soleil decided that the residential no doubt requires a security system that could effortlessly handle its residents’ safety without compromise and not interfere with it design appearance as well. This particular request is rather crucial for a premium apartment such as D. Le Roi Soleil as it could help boost the residence’s property value. Hence, our Vietnam reseller, Futech Jsc proposed FingerTec k-Kadex and Ingressus I.



Ingressus I
k-Kadex is a slave reader in the Kadex series that works with a access controller such as Ingressus I to provide a comprehensive access control system with either a card or password function. Not only that k-Kadex is easy to install and manage but its compact design allows it to blend into its environment without sticking out like a sore thumb and affecting the aesthetics of D. Le Roi Soleil. The k-Kadex does not store any data but instead keep it in the Ingressus I controller, safe from any unauthorized individuals. With Ingressus I in line, D. Le Roi Soleil can surely benefit from the centralized data provided by the controllers and understand the security level better.

D. Le Roi Soleil has now installed over 50 units of FingerTec k-Kadex and Ingressus I along with its bundled software on the various car park entrances and elevators within the building. As such, residents in D. Le Roi Soleil can have a peace of mind as the security level will be maintained at all times high with FingerTec. To find out more about FingerTec various sophisticated products, please click on the link below.

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