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Ministry of Lands Housing & Survey of Solomon Island is Secured with Biometrics
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Solomon | 30/05/2019
Solomon Islands is a sovereign state consisting of six major islands and over 900 smaller islands in Oceania with a population of around 600,000 people. While the country’s economy is based on agriculture, forestry and fisheries, it is also a fascinating destination for tourists that are looking for some adventure in the Sun. The Solomon Islands boast one of the most fascinating collections of World War II memorabilia in the entire South Pacific and it also has Tetepare, known as the largest uninhabited tropical island in the entire Southern Hemisphere, surrounded by perfectly unspoiled reefs, a heaven for avid divers

Recently, the Ministry of Lands Housing & Survey of Solomon Islands located at the capital Honiara, was looking for a better access security system for their office. The main aim of the ministry is to effectively deliver land administration to the government and the people of Solomon Islands based on fair, transparent and timely processes. The office also processes land transaction registration, making sure that land rents are based on fair and transparent principles and collected on a timely basis, always meeting the statutory requirements of surveying and valuations, as well as keeping land records secure at all times.
To ensure the security of the records they possess, a more modern door access system was urgently needed. Therefore, the Ministry was introduced to biometrics solutions by FingerTec’s reseller in the islands, M Cube Technology Ltd. With FingerTec biometrics solutions, customers have the option to mix and match the products to suit to the budget and requirements, which proven to be a plus for the Ministry. Consequently, they agreed to the combination of Ingressus IV, a door access controller for 4 doors and fingerprint slave model R2c. The simplicity of R2c makes it easy for staff to just verify their finger to gain access into the office. No keys need to be punched or cards to be waived. The combination of Ingressus and R2c has not only provided security, it has also furnish convenience to all employees.

Using the bundled software Ingress, access level of each staff can be set and this gives the management comfort knowing that not everybody in the building can access to everything. Ingress is a door an integrated access control management application that runs on the familiar MS Windows operating environment. This software is a complete solution for centralizing, managing, and monitoring door activity in FingerTec access control devices. After a few months of using the system, M Cube Technology Ltd is happy to report that the client is satisfied with the change of system to biometrics.
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