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FingerTec Iran Reseller Nailed Down The Victory Of Raising Global Reseller Program Exposure
Global News (Middle East)
Iran | 05/03/2020
The product range in an exhibition hall can be so diversified that most businesses would take up these opportunities to showcase their best and new products and services to professional visitors. Despite the investment into exhibition can increase brand exposure to a significant extent, the likelihood of attracting reliable sales leads is never guaranteed.
Being a reputable FingerTec authorized distributor in Iran, Bartarandishan decided to take part in the 22th International Exhibition of Computer on 21-24 January 2020 at Masha International Exhibition Co, Iran, to make a display of a series of high advancement fingerprint devices which they called proud over the years.

With only 3 skilled staff members to support the scene, this team of reseller still managed to attract a huge crowd to stop by and gather around the FingerTec’s booth throughout the 4 days long event. In fact, there were more than a thousand people. It was deemed a triumph with several new reseller agreements signed on-the-spot, on-the-day, during the event itself.
As a matter of fact, the target to attract prospective resellers was Bartarandishan’s predominant intention to participate in this event. In effect, an observable tendency of successful reseller recruitment in the near future is expected since a high amount of constructive impressions has been gained from many end-users and old partners. Unlike sales pitching that often covers with techniques and disguises, all judgments received from the end-users, partners and interested parties were earned with sweat and tears, time and effort which reflected substantially on the product quality and assurance that FingerTec can keep. Moreover, this was all particularly a laborious task due to the fact that these people have been making acquaintances with the IT industry and have grasped relevant knowledge about IT products such as access control and time attendance.

Heading out the exhibition halls with no empty hands is indeed a proven evidence of accomplishment. Despite the focus was to promote the FingerTec reseller program, there were Two software companies came with a strong urge to purchase FingerTec ofis-Z with SDK to use for their staff identity verification project whereas a municipal organization had requested for an implementation of hi-tech and reliable fingerprint sensor with signature pad device in which FingerTec made reachable.

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