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FingerTectivity  05/05/2016
FingerTec in Support of PSM’s Work for the Needy
PSM might be a newbie of just 18 years compared to other socialist movements in Asia but its experience with the masses leaves them with enough expertise and exposure to advocate issues with effective outcomes. Over the years, the party’s three main front organizations, Alaigal, Community Development Centre (CDC) and Suara Warga Pertiwi (SWP), based more than a hundred sub-fronts. PSM’s backbone lies in its work done with the masses especially plantation workers, the urban poor, industrial workers and peasants. The party also cooperates with progressive student movements.
Today PSM remains as the only party in Malaysia, focal pointing the condition of poor from low wages and compelling expulsion to retrenchment. The party has also made inroads in organizing unions in the last few years. PSM devotes its unyielding support to ensure the rights of the working class.

We at FingerTec being a part of the social community want to ensure our share in PSM’s endeavors as we recognize and fully encourage their unfailing commitment in advocating the rights of the needy. As such to further support and encourage PSM’s ventures, FingerTec has extended donation to financially facilitate PSM’s undertakings.