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UAE | 04/05/2018
Millennium Fashions Marking Up Attendance with TA200 Plus
Millennium Fashions was established in the year 2000 and has grown into a highly successful manufacturer within the textile industry in United Arab Emirates (UAE). With a strong workforce of 700 members and a monthly capacity of 500,000 garments, the company’s services have been sought out by numerous global brands such as: Marks & Spencer, Next, River Island, Arcadia Group, Bestseller, Veromoda & Hype.

Managing a production factory is a tough one, particularly when there are hundreds of workers operating under the same roof and being paid based on the hours of their services. Not just that, occasionally there are even instances of staffs working overtime or maybe even during the weekends. Therefore, all these factors add up and could possibly cause a hassle to the HR department if not handled properly. Looking that ID cards aren’t practical for this kind of working environment as it can easily be misplaced and incur more cost for replacement, our UAE reseller, Hutaib InfoTech Solutions, suggested that Millennium Fashions go biometrics for their time attendance management with FingerTec TA200 Plus.

With TA200 Plus, Millennium Fashions can definitely expect a much more efficient and accurate method of attendance clocking since our device offers the possibility of using one’s fingerprint as an identification method. Geared with an exceptional storage capacity of 10,000 fingerprint templates, the amount of employees in Millennium Fashions will certainly not be a problem for TA200 Plus. What’s more, the device also comes with the latest PUSH technology thus making it handy if the company ever needed to switch to our time attendance cloud solution such as TimeTec TA.

Millennium Fashions Industries Ltd. has deployed multiple units of TA200 Plus at their factories located in Sharjah. Timing attendance will never be the same again whereby the company can now detect their staffs’ identities within a split second and tremendously reserve their time resources for other crucial matters.

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