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AEON MALL in Hai Phong Vietnam chooses FingerTec
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Vietnam | 05/11/2020
Hai Phong is a city located just around 90 miles to the east of Hanoi, Vietnam. It is known as a beautiful city with a lot of attractions like temples, shrines, pagodas, and mausoleums. As such, it is only logical for AEON MALL to open it’s 6th store Vietnam to house around 200 tenants from famous brands of fashion, entertainment and cuisine.

Futech, FingerTec reseller for almost a decade, has been selected to supply a parking system to AEON MALL using i-Kadex MF. In total, 39 units of i-Kadex MF are installed for cars and motorcycle gates around the mall. i-Kadex MF is chosen due to its easy integration, easy use, and robustness. i-Kadex MF comes with IP65 waterproof rating, making the machines suitable to endure the extreme weather of South East Asia.

The next step from AEON MALL is to equip all its supermarkets with biometrics technology to combat the spread of Covid-19. Smart AC1/TD is just the machine they need to fulfil the requirements. Not only that it scans for body temperature, but Smart AC1/TD can also scan a mask to ensure SOP compliance before customers are allowed to enter a supermarket.
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