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Tapping On the Power of Biometrics with FingerTec
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Ghana | 05/09/2018
Zenith Bank (Ghana) Limited (“Zenith”) is a financial service provider that was incorporated in April 2005 as a private limited company and commenced universal banking operation in September 2005. Since its inception, the Zenith brand has been synonymous with its cutting edge ICT platform, passionately innovative staff and devotion to the development of top of the range products and services to meet customer needs. Zenith Bank is an epitome of a stable and strong institution with a brand and customer services that are the envy of its peers.

That said, Zenith however has been facing some hiccups in terms of their workforce management as the company was using a manual system to record the attendances of their employees. This in turn caused issues such as increased workloads for their human resource management, which in turn contributes to rising errors within their records. In their mission “to continue to invest in the best people, technology and environment to underscore their commitment to achieving customer enthusiasm”, Zenith determined that they require the finest solution that technology has to offer. Going through our Ghana reseller, Echelon Engineering Ltd.’s recommendations, Zenith has thus selected to deploy FingerTec AC100C onto its premises.

Designed with biometric capabilities, AC100C has the potential to minimize any attendance verification mistakes since our devices use minutiae point matching fingerprint technology to guarantee authenticity. What’s more, with this method of automating the staffs’ clocking, Zenith can now use this opportunity to divert their valuable time resources onto other more vital matters without worrying about misleading attendance records. On the other hand, FingerTec AC100C comes loaded with TCMS V3, a powerful software that can further provide convenience to Zenith by generating various handy reports. Hence, this aspect also ticks off another one of Zenith’s mission to safeguard the environment as the company no longer needs to depend on physical copies when storing their records.
Zenith Bank Ghana Ltd. is currently utilizing over 40 units of FingerTec AC100C along with its TCMS V3 software and has been efficiently managing their workforce ever since. For companies such as Zenith looking for a versatile solution, know that FingerTec AC100C can even be used alongside with TimeTec TA, a Smart Solution that can bring your workforce management to the next level. Find out more about FingerTec and TimeTec products by clicking on the links below.