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Ivory Coast CIE Buyo Secured with FingerTec
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Ivory Coast | 05/09/2019
Ivory Coast Electricity Company (CIE) is a private provider that has been linked to the Ivory Coast's government by a concession agreement since 1990. This agreement entrusts CIE with the operation of facilities for production, transport, and distribution of certain assets, as well as national electrical energy distribution and imports and exports within the region. CIE distributes electricity to 1.9 million customers in the Ivory Coast. CIE operates 50 000 km of the electricity network, six hydroelectric plants (604 MW) and one thermal plant (100 MW). CIE exports electricity to six countries in West Africa.

A CIE branch located in Buyo housed over 200 employees and received countless visitors all year long. The challenge for the management is to maintain a decent security level of the premises and it becomes increasingly hard when there is no system to identify the staffs from the visitors. Hence, the management decided to invest in door access control for the entire branch.
A Firm Access with Fingertec's
i-Kadex Slave

  i-Kadex Slave
TimeTec's reseller in the Ivory Coast, AC Tech proposed the installation of i-Kadex and Ingressus to control the entries and exits of the CIE premises that match with the client’s budget and security expectations. The i-Kadex is a slave reader that only reads the card, while Ingressus is a controller that controls all the door access activities and keeps all the data intact. The Buyo branch alone installed 22 units of i-Kadex for its entrances and exits, in combination with six pieces of Ingressus. AC Tech, the experienced reseller handled all the installations single-handedly along with the bundled door access control software, Ingress.

By having an access control like i-Kadex protecting your premises, it only allows entry to authorized personnel and visitors would have to register before given access. The combination of i-Kadex and Ingressus is one of the possible access control mixes that FingerTec offers to its customers based on the resources and requirements. With Buyo branch installation, AC Tech is looking forward to pitching the same idea to other branches of CIE.