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Doha's New Luxury Hotel
Global News (Middle East)
Qatar | 04/09/2020
Another brand new hotel will soon be added onto the list of quality accommodation available in Doha's hospitality industry. Situated in the coast of the Persian Gulf in the east of the country, The Bentley Luxury Hotel aims to provide their guests with the perfect stay to start their day, enjoy their visits and depart with absolute joy. Experience a fresh burst of energy on the sunny side of Doha with each room offering the complete range of staycation in-room facilities and great amenities.

As the hotel is going to be in operation soon, managing the workforce is going to be part of the essential process of the business. To properly set up a clear structure to safeguard the premises and guarantee staff performances, the Bentley luxury hotel has selected FingerTec biometrics and software for security.
According to Mr Eyyad, the IT manager of the Bentley Luxury Hotel,
"We are very satisfied with the time attendance solutions and technology advantages offered. Certainly, also the services provided. Intelligent Project being FingerTec's reseller has assisted us in developing a systematic staff time management, and we truly believe in the convenience which we will be benefiting from now and in the future."
FingerTec TA500R + Ingress Software
Easy registration and daily use
Tokenless, easy for staff to move about
Accurate and honest attendance data
Data can be easily integrated with MySQL DB
Data centralized and consolidated for easier management
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