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Switching to TCMS V3 – FAQs You Might Want to Read
1. Let us know the differences between Ingress and TCMS V3?
Database MySQL and MS Access MS Access
Functions Door Access & Time Attendance Time Attendance Only
Reports 16 Door Access
17 Time attendance
30 Time Attendance
2. What’s the programming language of TCMS V2 and TCMS V3?
Language FoxPro Visual
3. What is the database for TCMS V2 and TCMS V3
Language FoxPro MSAccess (Now)
MySQL (by early 2017)
4. Would TCMS V3 be bundled with FingerTec products?
Yes. The official bundling of TCSM V3 with FingerTec’s Time Attendance products will start on 1st October 2016. The software was launched on the 1st of August, giving customers a period of two months to learn and master TCMS V3 before the official bundling commences.
5. If TCMS V3 becomes the official bundled software of FingerTec Time & Attendance products, is there any way that customers can obtain TCMS V2?
Before 1st of October, customers can still obtain the TCMS V2 copy from us without any additional charge but after the official bundling started, a copy of TCMS V2 license is chargeable at USD15.
6. Would TCMS V3 and Ingress replace TCMS V2?
That is the plan because as technologies progress, TCMS V2 will not be staying relevant to todays and future market demand. Change has to happen now for a sustainable future.
7. Would FingerTec still provide support to TCMS V2 and debugging?
Yes but not indefinitely. We will be providing a date where we will stop providing support or whether we want to start charging for TCMS V2 support. However, it’s not going to be around the corner because we have loads of clients still using the system.
8. Would FingerTec still add new features on TCMS V2?
No. The development on TCMS V2 will not be continued but we will make sure that the product stays usable until the time it isn’t anymore.
9. What should be the choice of software if I'm using door access products?
Please refer to the table below to determine your software of choice
Function Software Sample Model
Door Access and Time Attendance Ingress R2, R3, AC900, Q2i
Door Access Ingress R2, R3, AC900, Q2i
Time Attendance TCMS V3 TA500, TA100C, TA200 Plus
10. Nowadays, the market prefers cloud applications rather than Windows-based software. Do you have any plan to upgrade TCMS V3 to cloud-based software?
TimeTec has a readily-available cloud system for time attendance, we named TimeTec TA. TimeTec TA has all the features of TCMS V3 plus more useful features to cater to the global clients. TimeTec TA is charged per user monthly and it can be accessed through any web browsers and through mobile. Hence, if you are interested in cloud system for time and attendance, head over to, sign up for a free account and get 10-user licenses for life.
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