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Software Update (
Release date: 3rd May 2017
The latest software updates are available for download here but if you want the installer for the previous software version, please contact us at
One single update gives you 11 new features, 2 fine-tunes and fixes 4 software bugs
New Features & Fine-Tunes
Added a new FingerTec Cloud Center migration feature
Added Database Terms & Conditions
Added the following fields in Batch Update User: Designation, Privilege, Gender, Pay Class, Pay Type, and Pay Rate.
Added search function in Device Module
Added new advertisement size, in Terminal Multimedia Management
Added hints on Terminal Multimedia Management Resolution
Added "Work Code Description" option when export Audit Data
Added option to split Terminal ID into new column when export Attendance Data
Added Total Absent column in Export Attendance Summary
Added Export Short Hour & Leave Type in UBS Payroll
Write "TIMING" file when download transaction log after delete
Enhanced Import User from USB and Export User to USB mechanism
Removed Leave Summary in Detailed ETC Report
Bug Fixes
Fixed print report in Landscape issues
Fixed user maximum password length from 9 to 8
Fixed User ID showed square when download user via USB
Fixed incorrect value exported for Leave in days when Export Attendance Details
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