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Software Update (
Release date: 22nd Nov 2017
The latest software updates are available for download here but if you want the installer for the previous software version, please contact us at
One single update gives you 16 new features & enhancements and fixes 6 software bugs
Features Enhancements
Export Scheduler for Attendance in Attendance Module
Filter By Department option in export scheduler
"Leave in Hour" option and "Card Number" field in Export Attendance Summary
Filter By Group Duty Roster option in Report Module
Message notification when generating report if ‘Work / OT Total’ option is enabled
Export path for report when using Report Scheduler in System Settings' Server page
Allows configuration of advanced export format option in Report Scheduler
“5 Minutes" and "15 Minutes" selection in Data Audit list Export
Export Data Audit according to Device ID selection
Predefined schedule templates for user to choose from when creating new schedules
System Parameter Settings in System Settings Module
Define Monthly Payroll Cycle Start Date in System Settings
Support up to 2 Database backup intervals within System Settings Module
An option to Enable device “Working” status while transferring data
Revamp Status Log order to display process update at the top
Saved attendance sheet search history by User Account
Bug Fixes
Unable to open exported XLSX file in Attendance Sheet Module
Download New terminal Captured Attendance photo to Data Audit list
Unable to remove user's fingerprint in FMM device
Error on calculation within Details Employee Time Card report
Wrong User ID read from USB when downloading User from USB file
Wrong User Listing filtered by Department in Data Audit List
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