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Software Update (
Release date: 1st Feb 2018
The latest software updates are available for download here but if you want the installer for the previous software version, please contact us at
One single update gives you 16 new features & enhancements and fixes 13 software bugs
Features Enhancements
Added new language – Serbian
New option to Enable/Disable, Change/Edit User ID value in System Settings
Added “Display Last Name First” option in System Settings
Added last save folder path for TIMING in System Settings
Added count for total holiday(s) allowed in Holiday Listing within Attendance Module
Saved attendance sheet search history by User Account
Added new export payroll type - "Kakitangan" for country Malaysia
Added option to open File Location after backup process is completed
Display number of users/departments in Export Scheduler and Report Scheduler
Enhanced Auto Add Break rule to exclude whole break time if users do not punch Break Out & Resume In
Display each transaction device info for Job List in Attendance Sheet
Added new Batch Update Planner for user duty planner
Consolidated options for manually downloaded audit data in System Settings
Added export invalid audit data with check sum error
Display progress bar when generating report
Added "Tab" separator into Export Audit Data Type 2
Bug Fixes
Fixed unable to save user accordingly within each export template for Export Sage UBS Payroll
Fixed display of absent value for Leave Type on Workdays when exporting Attendance Details
Fixed Software error while uploading large user count into multiple devices concurrently
Fixed Job Cost Analysis Report displaying all of the clocking done within 1 minutes with differences in seconds
Fixed Correction Report to display the correct data when "Original Clocking" Feature is enabled
Fixed unable to add email address containing " - " in Company Info
Fixed unable to import User from USB file to Software
Fixed TA500 freezing issue while downloading/uploading user info from the terminal
Fixed Export User data to USB file into compatible format for TA500
Fixed editing Job List Attendance Sheet to capture the correct records
Fixed export attendance data with CSV format being separated by comma instead of semicolon
Fixed unable to migrate face template from backup file in TCMS V2 migration wizard
Fixed unable to export fingerprint template via Export User to USB for black and white devices
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