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Software Update (
Release date: 1st August 2019
The latest software updates are available for download here but if you want the installer for the previous software version, please contact us at
New Features
Added Import File for Report / Export Scheduler
Added Reset Last Attendance Log Downloaded in Batch Device Operation
Added File Mode for Attendance Details and Summary in Export Scheduler
Added which department can be assign when import user from USB
Added new export field In / Out for Export Audit Data Type 2
Remove Transaction Log for selected devices
Added search user for user duty planner
Revamp UI for Export User To USB
Revamp Total in Attendance Sheet
Added selection group by Group Duty Roster / Department in User Duty Planner
Enhance Device Listing Report
Added User Listing Report group by Group Duty Roster
Added default User ID when add new user
Added recommend First & Last Rounding time range for weekly and daily schedule
Added Attendance Summary Report sort by workrate.
Added Modify UI in System Settings Attendance and Device tab to fit small screen resolution.
Added date range in ETC report
Added device selection field to purge audit data from selected device only
Added password verification when username and password authentication is disable in System Settings.
Bug Fixes
Fixed Categorize record by Selected/Unselected, and sort matched record on top of the list during Search
Fixed incorrect device connection status
Fixed User tree not update after import user from file
Fixed unable to import leave type without description
Fixed incorrect shortage calculation when applied deduct no. of hours for break time from flexi schedule
Fixed failed to display date in Hijri calendar
Fixed duplicate existing users display after download and assigned to a new deparment
Fixed no history for export scheduler when login without username and password
Fixed no record found for Data Audit List Type 2
Fixed incorrect result after drag and drop user in department treeview
Fixed unable to save shift 3 in Group Duty Roster
Fixed incorrect windows title when browse for file in Import From File
Fixed unable to display User Duty Planner new roster if PayClass is enabled
Fixed failed to display date of the added holiday when selected with Hijri calendar
Fixed failed to display duty planner after change different calendar format
Fixed incorrect Hijri date for "Last Generated On" in Report Scheduler and Export Scheduler
Fixed incorrect end date range displayed in Electronic Time Card report generated from Report Scheduler
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