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Software Update (
Release date: 17th July 2023
     Ingress (Microsoft Access)
Software Upadate
Ingress (MYSQL)
     Microsoft Access vs MySQL
One single update gives you 2 new features & enhancements and fixes 6 software bugs
New Features
Added an option that allows for backing up selected tables' data
Added an export option to Microsoft SQL Server using ODBC for Attendance Details, Attendance Summary, and Audit Data
Bug Fixes
Fixed incorrect Pay Rate calculation in the User Module and Gross Wages Report
Fixed the failure to export custom fields data for Users
Fixed incorrect results being exported when the Employee ID exceeds the configured template size length
Fixed the failure to save ODBC username and password in the template configuration
Fixed the inability to handle abnormal download logs from the Ingressus device
Fixed software crashes when downloading transaction logs from more than 50 devices at once
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