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Software Update (, &
Release date: 13th May 2022
     Ingress (Microsoft Access)
Software Upadate
Ingress (MYSQL)
     Microsoft Access vs MySQL
One single update gives you 20 bug fixes to enhance the user experience.
Bug Fixes
Fixed Activity Log display issue for Report Scheduler in Health Screening Report
Fixed License display failed to activate Serial No. for certain devices (Face ID 5)
Fixed Transfer to Device error
Fixed new user Fingerprint does not download from AWDMS issue
Fixed issue to save Permanent Door Open Close Timezone and Permanent Door Open Close Holiday Timezone
Fixed Door details display incorrect information
Fixed Fingerprint create date display issue (as 1900-01-01) when download from AWDMS
Fixed attendance generation issue for Flexi Schedule In - Out pair (overnight)
Fixed Username unable update to other language character
Fixed attendance calculation when Schedule is manually changed during edit attendance sheet
Fixed incorrect language display for Serbian language
Fixed Hourly Rate display issue when generating Electronic Time Card Report
Fixed incorrect Day Type display in Attendance for Leave Type at User Module
Fixed Quickbooks (USA Payroll) export in wrong format
Fixed Export USA Payroll does not save correctly
Fixed import user issue when Username is alphanumeric from Import From File
Fixed upload FP to AWDMS issue for new user
Fixed incorrect attendance calculation for Flexi Schedule if IN have value
Fixed export attendance job costing issue: work hour become work hour pair instead of total work hour
Fixed device assigned into device group selection issue during Batch Device Operation
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