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Software Update ( &
Release date: 10th January 2019
The latest software updates are available for download here but if you want the installer for the previous software version, please contact us at
     Microsoft Access vs MySQL
One single update gives you 14 new features & enhancements and fixes 4 software bugs
New Features & Enhancements
Import Transaction Log TIMING for selected device only
Terminal description for Export Audit Data Type 1
Daily Attendance Listing & Weekly Attendance Listing with 2 columns & 4 columns
Database Version display at Database Management
Import File for Holiday List, Leave Type & Work Code
Added option to select Department when Download User from Device
Added Recently Added User filter within Upload User to Device
Added integration with TimeTec Security to allow import of data
Added Upload/Delete Access Group for individual user in User Module
Added Sync All Access Configuration to All Device
Added Search function for Listing Grid
Added Export User Photo to USB file
Added Device Connectivity Report
Added right click to show door status at Monitoring Module
Bug Fixes
Fixed blank attendance details in Excel file when exporting for employee ID only
Fixed Fail to Save Edited Device Information
Fixed Incorrect Day Type when exporting Electronic Time Card Report into Excel file format
Fixed Unable to delete user with Alphanumeric User ID using 'Remove Device User' Function
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