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FingerTec Spare Parts Allocation Scheme is initiated to support FingerTec reseller channels the world over by providing select pre-claimed warranty parts with a certain quantity purchase value. Instead of submitting warranty to obtain the parts, FingerTec includes the parts in the order to reduce transit time and shipping costs incurred. This scheme is offered to benefit our resellers worldwide in addition to our 28-month manufacturer's warranty for reseller.

This is the SPAS detail for revision on 1st October 2018

For specific purchase amounts from FingerTec, spare parts will be included following the chart below:

Quantity Ordered (Same Model) Parts Allocated
Every 25 units 1 MCU Board
Every 50 units 1 Core Board
Every 50 units 1 Outer Casing


For 25 units: 1 MCU Board
For 30 units: 1 MCU Board
For 50 units: 2 MCU Boards, 1 Core Board, 1 Outer Casing
For 100 units: 4 MCU Boards, 2 Core Boards, 2 Outer Casings

Note: Resellers who place orders more than once a month can accumulate their orders and request for Spare Parts Allocation Scheme by month end. Only purchases on the same month according to the invoices will be tabulated to be eligible for the scheme.

1. Parts Involved
  • Warranted Parts offered for this scheme are FP Matching Board (Core Board), Main Controller Unit Board (MCU Board), Outer Casing of Terminal. Wear & Tear Part for this scheme is only Outer Casing of Terminal.
  • Reseller must use the allocated parts to replace the defective parts and once the parts have been replaced, please fill up the warranty online to notify us. For the parts that exceed the quantity we provide, please claim the rest through our warranty online at http://warranty.
  • Any other warranted parts that are not provided here are claimable through our warranty online at
  • Other wear & tear parts can be purchased directly from us. Contact for order.
2. Return of Faulty Parts
  • Due to high shipping cost, we recommend our resellers to accumulate faulty parts and return them to us in bulk. Please pack and return the defective parts to us every December and June annually. Pack the items and ship them to the below address: TImeTec Computing Sdn Bhd. No. 6, 8, & 10, Jalan BK3/2, Bandar Kinrara, Puchong, 47180 Selangor Malaysia. Tel: 603-80709933 Fax: 603-80709988. All the costs involved to return those faulty parts shall be borne by resellers. Kindly notify us at once you have shipped the items or if you need any assistance.
( effective 1st July 2015 )