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Egypt Biopharmaceutical AstraZeneca Headquarter and Factory Selected FingerTec Products For Greater Success

Global News (Middle East)
Egypt | 03/04/2020
AstraZeneca is a global science-led biopharmaceutical business established its headquarter in New Cairo City, Egypt. They are a medical entrepreneur business that distributes innovative medicines to be used by millions of patients worldwide. They have been pushing the boundaries to deliver life-changing medicines. Their existence delivers benefits to patients and creates values for the world. For that, they need a strong belief to foster a strong AstraZeneca culture. Strictly due to the vital key roles that they are playing in this business, all employees’ activities become so crucial to their drive for success.

Engaging with at least 350 employees at both headquarter and factory, this organization has begun to inquire solutions for which they can operate under computerized management for staff attendance. In other words, a system that automates the recording and syncing process of daily data handling.

Installation completed on October 2019 with FingerTec Face ID 2 paired with Ingress Software.
Handle with care by FingerTec’s Egypt Reseller: Apex Misr

AstraZeneca’s staff management system has since been advanced with the wise selection and pairing of FingerTec devices and software.
How did Face ID 2 and Ingress software make a change for AstraZeneca?

Fast fingerprint enrollment

Fast fingerprint verification

One-touch on fingerprint reader; All data sync to the system

System live monitoring

Door access protection
It is also Integrable with TimeTec cloud platforms
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