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GRIDCo Gearing Up For Biometrics
Global News (Europe & Africa)
Ghana | 04/01/2019
GRIDCo was incorporated on December 15, 2006 as a private limited liability company under the Companies Code, 1963, Act 179 and was established in accordance with the Energy Commission Act, 1997 (Act 541) and the Volta River Development (Amendment) Act, 2005 Act 692, which provided for the establishment and exclusive operation of the National Interconnected Transmission System (NITS). The establishment of GRIDCo is intended to develop/promote competition in Ghana's wholesale power market as well as to carry out transmission system planning and implement necessary investments to provide the capacity to reliably transmit electric energy throughout the country.
Having such huge responsibility to begin with, power supply companies such as GRIDCo cannot afford to suffer a loss in terms of productivity as this issue could in turn affect the entire nation. Hence, the company wanted a solution that has the capability to provide an impeccable data overview of their workforce. Reviewing their requirements, our Ghana reseller, Telecomputer Network Ghana, proposed FingerTec Q2i to assist in further boosting their capacity. That said, this isn’t the only aspect that Q2i has to offer.
FingerTec Q2i is a premium security device with advanced time attendance and access control features. Containing a large storage capacity with precision fingerprint scanning algorithm, Q2i can not only time your workforce efficiently but likewise ensuring that the identity of the employee remains correct at all times. In case of unexpected scenarios, i.e. break-ins or fire emergencies, Q2i has a built-in alarm to help increase the security at the workplace. This is especially useful since equipment installed in a power supply company can be both expensive and dangerous if tampered by unauthorized individuals. Hence, a lack in security is most certainly unacceptable in this case.
GRIDCo has thus installed Q2i in various strategic locations of the company alongside its bundled software for maximum performance. The company is very satisfied with the features and benefits provided by our biometric device as well as looking forward to utilizing our other line of products in the future. At FingerTec, we produce sophisticated Biometric products that are affordable and practical for the Workforce Management and Security Industries. Find out more about FingerTec by visiting our website below.
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