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Introducing TimeTec Latest AI Facial Recognition Temperature Scanner
Face ID 5/TD

Measure Temp.
FingerTec News | 05/07/2020
Adopt the New Norm & Adopt the New Safety Standards
Automated Solution for Your Business
Function effectively indoor & outdoor, under all potential light exposure conditions
Place your palm in front of the device for alternative identity check with better hygiene control
Stand within detectable distance for high-speed users’ verification in less than 2 secs
Don’t take the risk
Technology Accessible & Flexible Verification Methods
Safeguard Your Business
Controlling this infection as a Responsible Organization
Comply to government SOP with Temperature Scanning & Recording
Alert access to anyone with high body temperature
Controlling work performances without any trade-off
Integrate facial biometrics data with INGRESS for HR attendance monitoring & door gate system
One centralised and structured data system for easy managing
Controlling access intrusion with heightened security features
Security configuration elevated with improved anti-spoofing checks to prevent internal crims and spoofing attacks
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Business Owners
Human Resources Manager
Property & Building Manager
Health & Safety Officer
Keep our families and keep our people safe.
*No purchase obligation. Let’s contain the infection.

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